Nature tends to be one of the best stress relievers out there. In fact, research has proven that being around plants and trees can reduce one’s stress levels significantly. A stroll in the park or a hike up a trail can help you escape from the outside world and get into one of your own where there is peace and tranquility. Fayetteville has a few parks that provide ideal destinations for this and here are some of them. Learn information about Fayetteville, NC here.


Cape Fear River Trail

From beautiful scenery to well-maintained trails and breathtaking views, the Cape Fear River Trail has everything you need. it is an amazing place if you want to take an afternoon and explore the best that nature has to offer. The northern end in particular has a beautiful covered bridge with a railroad Tressel above it complete with trees and birds on either side. Discover facts about Fayetteville, NC Is A Historic Town.

Cape Fear Botanical Garden

One of Fayetteville’s most popular destinations, the Cape Fear Botanical Garden has everything from beautiful birds to flowers, and even a nice little water body. Being there is simply therapeutic and you are guaranteed to love being surrounded by nature. they even offer educational programming and recreational activities for those who are interested.