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We serve customers in North Carolina for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential asphalt paving project needs. We offer new asphalt paving construction, repairs, maintenance, as well as removal and replacement services for asphalt pavement. As a commercial asphalt paving contractor, we are experienced in working with small to mid-sized projects and have the capability to handle projects from pothole repairs to large parking lots or entire subdivision roadways.

NC Paving Contractors is an educated, experienced, and qualified commercial asphalt paving contractor in the Goldsboro, NC area. Our professionals serve the Goldsboro, NC area in asphalt paving, commercial paving repairs, asphalt overlay, asphalt profile milling, concrete flatwork, seal coating, crack seal repair, pavement markings, parking lot striping, parking lot signage, and ADA handicap access remediation. We provide asphalt paving services to commercial properties, contractors, and homeowners in the Goldsboro, NC area.

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We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured asphalt paving installation and repair contractor in Goldsboro, North Carolina. We offer a wide range of services, which include:

  • Asphalt Driveway
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Parking Lot Paving, Sealcoating, And Repairs
  • And More Asphalt Paving Services In Goldsboro, NC!

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Asphalt Driveway

Let NC Paving Contractors pave your new asphalt driveway in Goldsboro, NC. Our timely service and attention to detail are unbeatable. We are equipped with the expertise you need and the personal care you deserve in constructing your new asphalt driveway. NC Paving Contractors strives to provide quality work the first time so you are not wasting money in future years on repairs.


With our “no job too big – no job too small” philosophy, we bring our professional standards of application to each project. Our residential work generally entails resurfacing existing asphalt or repairing a surface that has failed or is damaged.


For trusted service on your commercial asphalt paving needs in Goldsboro, NC, choose NC Paving Contractors. Our professional staff brings multiple years of combined experience to make sure you receive the best results on your commercial asphalt paving project. Whether it is new paving construction or repairs to existing asphalt, we have the expertise to quickly identify the solution that will best meet your needs. We promise our contractors will adhere to your project budget and deliver successful work.

Parking Lot Paving, Sealcoating, And Repairs

NC Paving Contractors offers the best value for parking lot paving, sealcoating, and repair services in the Goldsboro, NC area. We are your go-to parking lot maintenance and pavement management solution in the Goldsboro, NC area. From new lots to addressing problem areas in your parking lot paving, we have the perfect service for you.

Give us a call today to schedule your free service quote on all asphalt paving services in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Our contractors will visit your home to discuss your options for your asphalt paving services in Goldsboro, North Carolina. We’re here to help, so call us to learn more about our services today.